Artist Bio

Eliza Supe is a surrealist artist who works in both digital and analogue modes to comment on human decadence and vanity. She works with the idea of using smutty "ill-chosen" imagery and thereupon makes it look sickeningly sweet to the eye through the over-charge of nostalgia and sappy emotion. Her artwork also heavily centres on expired trends, from the tasteless aesthetics and glitch of preliminary computer graphics to the kitsch of early 90's decor, trinkets and souvenirs that we once indulged in. Bygone shopping outlets, plazas and arcades decorated with tropical synthetic flora are also sights she explores. These lapsed fascinations and expenditures, all inserted within Supe's artworks, showcase the fake syrupy delirium that is humanity when we revisit our banished -synthetic- greed.

Eliza Supe currently lives and works in Port Stephens and Newcastle, Australia, after completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Newcastle University.